Shared Plugins

Plugins may be used by a range of different hosts. However, the host needs to be able to find the plugins. Hosts vary, however the recommended method uses the environment variable LADSPA_PATH. If present, this should contain a colon-separated path indicating directories that should be searched (in order) when loading plugin types.

It is recommended for standard Linux distributions such as RedHat, that this plugin path should be /home/<user>/.ladspa:/usr/local/lib/ladspa:/usr/lib/ladspa. Plugins can then be installed into /usr/local/lib/ladspa/ or /usr/lib/ladspa/.

You may wish to add a line such as the following to your .bash_profile login file (if you use Bash): export LADSPA_PATH=$LADSPA_PATH:/home/<user>/.ladspa:/usr/local/lib/ladspa:/usr/lib/ladspa

To list the plugins that can be found on your LADSPA_PATH, run the listplugins program.


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